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Before starting his own business, Jonovacorp’s founder, Joe, had been engaging in plastic packaging trade for years. He had witnessed the difficulties of sourcing plastic packages through personal experience. From seeking out factories to communicating requirements, he knew exactly there was a lot of information asymmetry.

These experiences serve as the catalyst for Joe’s decision:Changing the plastic packaging industry and make the business easy.

In 1994, Joe’s mother found a plastic packaging company, which was taken over by Joe. Later, Joe drew inspiration from the names of his family members, and established the brand Jonovacorp. He genuinely hope that all business partners would feel the warmth of our company, communicating with us like brothers, and finally achieve business success together.

At the beginning of establishment, Jonovacorp had only one mold and one piece of equipment. After 29-year development, Jonovacorp has grown into a company with multiple production lines, and over 450 molds, which enable us to manufacture over 500 milion plastic cups everyday.

With 29 years of production and marketing experience, Jonovacorp has helped over 30 partners build brand awareness and increase their profit margins.

- CEO -

My lifelong pursuit is to add a human touch to the plastic packaging industry, and to eliminate the business obstacles, but not at the expense of environment.

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