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16 ounce plastic cups

When searching for a plastic cup to utilize for food service, you may consider a variety of possibilities. These include cups manufactured from EarthChoice, Cincinnati Reds, or Choice plastic. You can feel assured that each of these businesses will supply you with a product that is safe, sturdy, and stylish, despite the fact that your preference will determine which firm you choose.

Choice 16 oz. green plastic cup

Jonovacorp 16 ounce plastic cups is an excellent option for serving beverages in restaurants and snack bars. It is comprised of lightweight and flexible polystyrene, making it a durable and reusable solution for your business. This sturdy green cup is suitable for a variety of purposes, including serving refreshments and holding wine.

The cup's rolled rim prevents it from tipping over, making drinking from it a pleasant experience. Additionally, the cup is BPA-free and simple to clean. In addition, it has a wavy wall rim that stops it from sliding. Additionally, it is built from recyclable polypropylene that is break-resistant.

Whether you're serving a modest meal or a large party, the 16-ounce green plastic cup from Jonovacorp is the ideal option. It is a robust option for everyday use because to its classic style and brilliant blue hue. This adaptable and budget-friendly option is ideal for catering events, concession stands, and more.

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