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16 oz plastic cups

Whether you need to take your morning cup of coffee to work or simply want to have your beverage with you throughout the day, there are several 16 oz plastic cup alternatives to pick from. Using a plastic cup instead of a mug not only makes cleaning easier, but it also helps you decrease trash.

16 oz. plastic cup

The package of 16 ounce plastic cups are great for smoothies, cold drinks, and juices. They're made of durable and break-resistant PET plastic and feature crystal clear walls. In addition to these features, the waved wall rim prevents the cup from slipping. This means you can have more comfortable sipping while on the go. These plastic cups are BPA free and feature fast content identification. When buying a 16 ounce plastic cup, you should do your homework. You should check prices and compare them to make sure you're getting the best deal. Also, you should consider waiting to purchase a cup until there are special sales. Then you can avoid paying interest and other hidden charges. It is also a good idea to pay in cash. Not only will this keep your costs down, but it can help you stay on budget.

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