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16 oz plastic cups with lids

A 16 oz plastic cups with lids can make the difference between serving hot coffee or cold soda. These cups have a straw slot and a sip-through lid in contrast to conventional cups. Additionally recyclable, they will lessen the amount of waste that is dumped in landfills. These cups come in a wide variety, and you can find them online or at your neighborhood home improvement store.


If you're serving coffees, iced teas, smoothies, or other beverages on your coffee cart, PET 16 oz plastic cups are the perfect solution. They're made of BPA free, recyclable, and crack-resistant PET. Plus, they have a rolled wall rim for a smooth, comfortable drinking experience. You can even choose from a variety of lids, including domes and flat lids.

Crystal clear PET plastic cups are designed to showcase your beverage. The extra-large straw slot lets you easily access your drink while protecting it from airborne contaminants. Another feature is the ridged lid, which fits multiple sizes of plastic cups. This helps prevent spills from leaking out of the cup and keeps whipped cream and ice from running down the side of the glass.

For fast food restaurants, iced tea bars, and other businesses on the go, PET 16 oz plastic cups are a must-have. They're durable and upscale, and they help you boost impulse sales of thirst-quenching drinks. These crystal clear cups are the ideal choice for serving hot and cold beverages.

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