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16oz plastic cups

Whether you are looking for a simple or elaborate 16oz plastic cups for your upcoming event, there are numerous options available. In this article, we will examine the various available options, including the Choice green plastic cup, the EarthChoice RPET cups and lids, and the assorted-color plastic party cups from Comfy Package.

EarthChoice RPET Cups and Lids

EarthChoice RPET 16oz plastic cups and plastic cups with lids are a great way to help reduce the environmental footprint of your business. Not only do they keep your drinks cold, they are also a smart way to cut down on the waste that comes with disposable cups. They can also be purchased in a variety of sizes. The most impressive part is that these cups are recyclable. This is a great way to make your eco-conscious customers happy. These cups are made from 25% post consumer recycled plastic bottles, which means that you are doing your part for the environment while still enjoying a snazzy drink in a stylish bottle.

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