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2 oz plastic cups with lids

You've come to the correct spot if you're looking to purchase 2 oz plastic cups with lids. The most affordable pricing from reputable, authorized producers may be found here.

Compostable portion cups

The 2 oz plastic cups with compostable lids are a terrific way to cut down on trash. These lids help keep air out of the contents and keep them fresh whether you use them for snacks, condiments, or vitamins. They can even go in the freezer.

To-go products fit well in these containers. The lids are designed to be simple to snap on thanks to the rolling rims. They also have a transparent color so you can see what's inside with ease.

These single-use cups are produced from renewable resources like maize. They are devoid of wax, gluten, and BPA. They are also strong and dishwasher safe. These goods come with a 12-month warranty.

These Eco-Products EP-SPCLID2 lids are constructed from biodegradable sugarcane, unlike many serving pieces made of plastic. Thus, they are suitable for disposal in industrial composting facilities.

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