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3 oz cups plastic

The 3 oz plastic cups is a useful and practical plastic item. It is made of a transparent or translucent polypropylene and is compact, lightweight, and strong. It is ideal for use in the office, home, or school because it is simple to clean.

Clear polypropylene

You can use this reusable plastic cups with lids to transport liquids. It is easy to clean, has a leak-proof lid, and is stylish. For convenience and space-saving, this container can also stack. This container is sturdy and excellent for regular use. It is great for drinks, sauces, and deli products.

This 3 oz plastic cup is the ideal choice whether you're serving drinks or desserts. It is made of polypropylene, a strong and light material that can perform a wide range of tasks. The cup's sturdy design and rolled top rim make drinking from it comfortable. Additionally, the ribbed sidewalls increase durability and reduce breakage risk. These cups work well both at home and as take-out containers.

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