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5 ounce plastic cups

Plastic cups aren't only for water; they're also a terrific way to serve your favorite beverages. You may simply have a great jello shot using 5 ounce plastic cups. These shatter-resistant cups are composed of recyclable materials and have an appealing transparent appearance.


The Pactiv Evergreen cold cup is ideal for a variety of liquids. It's simple, inexpensive, and manufactured in the United States. It also has leak-proof covers for your convenience. It's a no-brainer when combined with the rolled rim and double sidewall ridges.

There's a reason this transparent plastic cup has become a fast-food and snack-bar staple: it's a dependable method to maintain your customers' beverages at a regular temperature. As a result, it's an excellent solution for firms trying to save money. These clear plastic cups are an inexpensive way to offer the ideal iced tea or cold coffee. And, although not as tough as stainless steel or plastic, they can withstand a few knocks and spills. They're also an excellent method to market your company. Whether you own a fast service restaurant or a retail store, the translucent Pactiv Evergreen chilled cup is an excellent choice for displaying your items.

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5.5 ounce plastic cups make 7-8 Hocus Pocus jello shots

You can create 7-8 Hocus Pocus jello shots with a 5.5 ounces plastic cup. This is essentially a shot of three jellos (orange, white, and red) combined with a sweet cream cheese icing. The challenge is getting everything to function together. Fill each jello shot with one-quarter of the cup and top with the remainder for the best results. You'll be rewarded with a tasty gift that your Halloween visitors will love.

If you don't have a 5.5 ounce plastic cup on hand, you could always purchase a package of small jello shot cups. You may also prepare the same recipe in a regular-sized glass.

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