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Blue plastic cups

Blue plastic cups are an excellent accent to any celebration. They provide an elegant and whimsical touch to any occasion. There are numerous color options available, including turquoise, dark blue, and royal blue with a vibrant hue.


At a party or event, turquoise plastic cups are the ideal touch to the tableware. They are resilient and simple to clean. The BPA free plastic cups construction of these disposable cups makes them an excellent alternative to china. Their sturdy structure makes them ideal for serving cold and mixed drinks at any event. Whether you're organizing a Christmas party, a wedding, or a family reunion, this disposable tableware will add a festive and enjoyable touch to your table.

Twenty turquoise plastic cups are available in packs. Each cup may carry up to 16 fluid ounces. These cups come in either turquoise or teal. Both hues are constructed from semi-rigid quality plastic and are recyclable. This sturdy tableware is ideal for everyday use or outdoor gatherings. With these disposable cups' sturdy design, you'll be able to serve your guests with style.

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