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Boba plastic cup

One of the most well-liked items in the bubble tea industry right now is the PP plastic tea cups. The most well-known bubble tea shops in the world use it. For bubble tea, it has evolved into the perfect plastic cup. In actuality, PP is used to make the majority of bubble tea cups currently sold. There is one drawback to this product, though, and it might stop you from using it for your boba.

PP Plastic Bubble Tea Cups are the most popular choice for Bubble Tea Shop owners

PP Plastic Bubble Tea Cups are the most widely used option in bubble tea shops. This is because they are constructed of polypropylene, a strong and recyclable material. Additionally, they cost less than PET cups.

Chow is getting ready to start selling PLA compostable straws in July. Five times as much will be spent on these as on plastic straws. You may want to set up your own eco friendly plastic cups program if you care about the environment.

Using paper straws with bubble tea is an additional choice. Paper straws are available in Taiwan in bulk or in standard sizes. After that, you can use a sealing film to seal them.

Jumbo paper straws appropriate for bubble tea are also available. However, delivery of these may take up to four months.

Metal and bamboo are additional substitutes for single-use plastic straws. These replacements are not yet widely used, though. a

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