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Clear plastic cups with lid

You've come to the right place if you're looking to buy disposable plastic cups with lids in the Kansas City area. Here, you'll discover the most affordable options and a large selection.


Disposable clear plastic cups with lids come in a wide range of styles. From a small baby shower to a large bridal party, these adaptable and sturdy cups are ideal. They make it simple to serve while on the go and are lightweight and cleanly.

Disposable plastic mini cups with lids are one of the most well-liked alternatives. With the lid in place, your guests' food will not spill and the small size makes it perfect for serving finger foods. Miniature plastic cups with lids also have a fashionable design that will draw interest. The cups have a clear, polished appearance that creates a refined appearance. Additionally, you can seal containers with the lids to store leftovers.

Disposable clear PET plastic cups with flat lids are an additional choice. The recyclable and enduring clear plastic is. The storage and use of these cups are both simple. There are several sizes available, including 9 oz.

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