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Clear plastic small cups

If you are planning a party and want to serve drinks or food, but don't want to use a large number of cups, you can purchase small disposable clear plastic small cups that can be filled with a variety of items. You can even use these as sample cups.

Disposable party supplies

Clear plastic small cups are an affordable and practical alternative to paper. They make it easy to serve single drinks or desserts. They are also handy for parties or family dinners. You can even keep them in your desk drawer for easy access.

These mini cups are also handy for sample size foods. For example, you can use them to serve cheese cubes or ice cream. Whether you're putting together a wedding reception, a family reunion or a corporate event, you'll need these.

These cups are also made to last. Although they're not microwave safe, they are reusable and will hold up to 3 ounces of liquid. Their shape makes them ideal for displaying around tables or on pool decks. Compared to paper cups, they're better for the environment, as well. In addition, their square design makes them sturdy enough to stand up to even the roughest of handling.

The  mini plastic cups are a great addition to any party supply bag. They're a little bit bigger than a regular cup, but they're a little smaller than a mini tumbler. This makes them perfect for displaying and serving cold beverages, mini cakes, and other foods.

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