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Custom plastic cups with lids

You have arrived to the right location if you are seeking for plastic to-go cups that are disposable and come with lids. We offer a wide selection of alternatives for you to pick from, such as disposable lids for to-go cups, polypropylene custom plastic cups with lids, and reusable lids for to-go cups.


To-go cups made of compostable plastic are an excellent alternative to the more conventional disposable packaging. They are made of materials that naturally replenish themselves and can be recycled in their entirety. Some togo lids are also compostable. However, before you spend any money on these products, you need to have a solid understanding of the components that make them up.

PLA, which is derived from cornstarch and is a plant-based plastic, was used to make these cups. They will eventually decompose into organic matter once they have been disposed of in a commercial compost facility. Check out the Compost Manufacturing Alliance's website if you are interested in learning where you can recycle these cups.

If you want to play it safe, you should seek for a cup that has a green ring around the base of it. This is a good rule of thumb to follow. Recyclers will be able to differentiate this cup from others of its kind that are not compostable as a result. Additionally, the fact that it can be composted will be printed on the lid.

Utilizing utensils that can be reused is the choice that is least harmful to the environment. If you really must purchase a cup, though, you should be sure to get one that can be composted. Because they may contain plastics derived from petroleum, many items that look like they are throwaway are not actually compostable.

Take into consideration purchasing some BioCup cold drink cups if you are looking for a custom plastic cups that is not only reusable but also biodegradable. Beer cups, dessert cups, fruit cups, and yogurt cups are just some of the many uses for these multipurpose and hygienic cups. Wine glasses without stems that are certified by the BPI are another option. These compostable cups are made entirely from biobased materials and have been verified as such by the BPI.

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