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Customized plastic cups with lids

Any party or celebration can benefit greatly from the addition of personalized plastic cups with lids. Not only will your guests enjoy themselves, but you will also have a clear and transparent opportunity to market your company or product.


These clear plastic cups with lids are the solution if you want to serve a cool beverage at a party. These premium disposables are a great option for office events, pool parties, and family gatherings. They add style to your kitchen or bar and are simple to clean.

These plastic cups come with a few useful features, like a rolled rim for some added durability. The lid also has a straw slot. This feature not only serves a purpose, but it also guards against spills and leaks.

The size and weight of these plastic drinkwares are also cool features. The flat lid on the 9 oz. cup helps prevent spills, making it ideal for venues with a limited spending limit.

PET, an eco-friendly material that can hold a fair amount of liquid without absorbing it, was used to create these ritzy goods. They can now hold sodas, frozen drinks, bubble tea, and even fruit thanks to this.

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