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Dessert plastic cups

For desserts, a variety of plastic cup types are available. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, ranging from small to large. You can pick between more conventional one-piece dessert cups and clear fluted rectangular cups.

Clear Fluted Rectangular Pudding Cups

Desserts are served in the Clear Fluted Rectangular Dessert Cups as well as bulk plastic cups. They are constructed from sturdy plastic. They are safe, recyclable, and free of BPA. These cups are ideal for any celebration. These pudding cups are the ideal addition to any celebration, whether it's a birthday, wedding, or baby shower.

Serving miniature desserts in these pudding cups is a great idea. They give your table a touch of elegance with their fluted design. They are also simple to clean. One and a quarter inches by seven eighths of an inch is the size of each cup. They can also be used to hold additional tiny treats.

Additionally ideal for dinner parties are these cups. You can be certain that they will go well with any dinner party theme thanks to their timeless design. They come in various sizes ranging from 11 cm to 30 cm. Additionally, they come in a coupe shape. They are additionally offered in white. They also have cobalt blue lids available.

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