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When deciding on which disposable containers to use in your restaurant, there are a few essential factors that you should take into mind. These include the prices, whether or not the product can be reused, its influence on the environment, and the risks linked with biological contamination.

Environmental impacts

The plastic container cups with lids have a long history of being linked to negative effects on the environment; however, recent research sheds light on the actual ecological footprint that these items leave behind. Researchers have estimated that each year in the EU there are 2025 million units of food containers consumed. This number was arrived at by evaluating the use of disposable takeaway containers.

In order to manufacture these goods, a wide array of hazardous metals need to be extracted. In addition to this, they might reduce the amount of oxygen in coastal seas and introduce phosphates into rivers. Plastics have the potential to break down into even smaller particles, known as microplastics, which are detrimental to animals and add to the negative effects they have.

There have been relatively few in-depth studies conducted up until this point that examined the effect that throwaway takeaway food containers have on the natural environment. The entire life cycle of these items, from production to disposal, was investigated by the researchers. The research investigated twelve distinct categories of environmental impacts, including emissions of greenhouse gases, ecotoxicity in marine environments, and solid waste.

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