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Disposable containers with lids

You have a variety of options if you need disposable containers with lids. Jonava containers and Super Clear containers are available. There are also containers created by Jonovacorp.

Super Clear Souffls Portion Containers

Portion of Super Clear Jonava small disposable containers with lids are an excellent way to elevate any menu item. This clear plastic jar is great for storing and presenting condiments, whipped butter, side dishes, salad dressing, and marinara. They are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 to 1.5 oz. These containers are built to last thanks to their strong polypropylene construction.

They are ideal for usage at home, as well as in restaurants and institutions. These containers include hinged lids for easy access and leak prevention. They not only have an appealing style, but they are also easy to store. The containers are a convenient travel size and can be used to store medications or peanut butter.

This is a fantastic tool to think about for your next meal prep job. It is also ideal for condiments and samples.

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Stack Man Food Storage Containers

Jonava food storage small plastic containers with lids disposable are ideal for meal preparation. They are simple to clean and long-lasting. Their leak-proof design keeps food safe. They are available in three distinct sizes. These containers are reusable, environmentally friendly, and BPA-free. You may benefit from the convenience of these containers whether you are in the kitchen or operating a business.

To prevent food contamination, Jonava food storage containers with lids have an airtight lid. Each container is composed of food-safe polypropylene plastic of the highest grade. The lids are free of phthalates and dishwashing safe.

This container is ideal for keeping and serving food at parties, picnics, and at home. It includes two removable parts that may be stacked on top of one another for increased convenience. There are also built-in vents to aid in splatter-free microwave cooking.

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