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Eco friendly plastic cups

If you work in foodservice, you're probably aware of the importance of using environmentally friendly or eco plastic cups. These items are not only recyclable, but they can also help you reduce the amount of waste you generate. There are, however, some steps you should take to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Pretreatment of waste disposable paper cups

Paper cups and disposable plastic cups are commonly used in everyday life, such as when delivering hot beverages. However, the vast majority of disposable paper cups are discarded and landfilled. Furthermore, the majority of paper cups are coated with a thin layer of polyethylene (PE). This layer protects against leakage and staining. Finding ways to recycle used paper cups to make high-valued materials is thus a good idea. Among these, cellulose-based films made from waste disposable paper cups show a lot of promise. They can be used to combat global warming by replacing polyolefin PP and PE films.

The feasibility of using low-cost used paper cups as a source of cellulose-based films was investigated in this paper. It is an environmentally friendly and straightforward procedure. The resulting regenerated films are transparent and have good mechanical properties. By using a simple hot press and ionic liquids solvent method, these regenerated films were created from waste disposable paper cups.

The paper media was separated and the lining was removed after dissolution. The raw materials were then dried for 48 hours at 90 degrees Celsius. The cellulose content has been decreased. Phase I cellulose transitioned to phase II cellulose. The crystallinity index was reduced during the dissolution process.

The cellulose-based film had a compact texture and excellent thermal properties after coagulation. Tensile strength increased to 25.5 Mpa after regeneration in ethanol.

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