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Iced coffee plastic cup

The iced coffee plastic cup are available in a variety of colors and designs. Popular varieties are insulated and double-walled. Pactiv Evergreen cold cups and Dunkin' Double Cups are additional options.

Dunkin' Double Cups

If you're a Dunkin' Donuts fan, you've probably seen your share of foam cups. These tall plastic iced coffee cups are insulated to keep your coffee cold, and sometimes free. Until recently, however, Dunkin' wasn't ready to eliminate them. In July, the company announced new "cold lids" that reduce the use of straws.

They're also recyclable, which makes them a better choice. The reusable lids will reduce the waste generated by discarded straws. However, there's one major drawback: they won't work in a microwave.

Although it's a great idea to heat up your favorite beverage in a microwave, the microwave can't melt the adhesive glue used to bond the foam cup. Instead, the glue dries out and may leak chemicals into your drink. And even though it's technically possible, the heat from the microwave could distort the shape of the cup.

Despite its flaws, Dunkin's double cup has been a staple in the company's New England restaurants for years. It's a plastic iced drink cup with an inside sleeve to hold a hot-drink-appropriate foam cup.

Although these cups won't work in a microwave, they're still a great way to heat up your favorite Dunkin' drink. Just remember to stir your cup to distribute the heat evenly. That's because the inside of the paper lining does a great job at keeping the heat in, but the outer sleeve is made of plastic, which can burn your hand.

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