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Neon plastic cups

Jagerbomb neon plastic cups are ideal for use at home parties and in pubs. These are the authentic Bomber shot glasses. They come in four distinct hues. The outer chamber may accommodate up to 2 1/4oz of chaser liquid. You may put 7/8oz of your favorite booze in the central chamber.

Neon Plastic Cups

The side of these glasses is ridged for convenient holding. You may also choose a model made of transparent or neon plastic. If you want to use these plastic glass cups for a house party, you need get a case of 20. Each box of 20 has four distinct colors. You'll always have a fantastic assortment of these popular shot glasses, whether you want a sleeve or individual cups.

These cups are an unique way to serve shooters, with a fun new twist on the Jager bomb. They are made of lightweight plastic and have three chambers. Their acrylic separators separate the booze from the chaser. They are supplied in packs of 50 and come in a variety of attractive colors. Try them out now and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

This process is simpler, cheaper, and safer than the conventional way of creating a bomb shot. It also needs less cleaning. Furthermore, since the glass is not dumped into a bigger glass, it will not shatter.

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