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Nice plastic cups

Make sure to provide guests' drinks in nice plastic cups when they visit your house for a special occasion. Fortunately, there are many various kinds of cups available, so you should be able to find one that meets your requirements.

Make homemade party lights

It can be entertaining to add a few LED lights to your plastic cups. You may make your own lights to put in your home or at a party. Spending less money and contributing to environmental protection by using your plastic cups for this DIY project.

Get all the plastic cups you'll need to fill your string of lights first. Make a hole in the bottom of each cup. Ensure that the hole can accommodate the base of a C7 light bulb. You can add a tiny colored twinkle light to make it more festive.

After drilling the holes, pass the lights through the cups. The light will reflect off the plastic cup. A in-line dimmer can be inserted to vary the appearance.

Add a feather boa to the top of the cups as an additional decoration for your DIY lights. To attach it to the cup's brim, use hot glue. You could also add a spider web or skeletal accents to it.

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