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Plastic clear cups

Clear plastic cups are ideal for serving drinks or other meals in. They are strong and will not readily break. They are also fairly inexpensive. You can select from a wide range of designs, including custom-made or molded from recycled materials.

Plastic cup

The clear plastic cup from Jonava is great for cold drinks and is built to endure a lifetime. This tough plastic is resistant to shattering, making it perfect for restaurants and other commercial applications. A clear design increases visibility, which increases sales. You can get the appropriate plastic cup for your business by selecting from a variety of sizes and lids. You may also personalize your mugs with a custom print.

The transparent plastic cup from Jonava is composed of 100% recycled PET, the most commonly used plastic in the UK. PET is frequently recycled on street corners, making it an environmentally friendly commodity. These clear plastic cups are available with a range of lids, including flat lids, domed lids, and closed dome lids. The straw slot is located on the domed lids.

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