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Plastic cocktail cups

There are numerous options available when it comes to plastic cocktail cups. They can be clear, personalized, or gold glittered. They are therefore perfect for both professional and social gatherings.


Custom clear plastic cups are the ideal way to give your upcoming event a little extra flair. They are a strong, portable substitute for glass that won't shatter or break when dropped. These transparent plastic tumblers are the ideal option for any event you're planning, whether it's a wedding, bridal shower, or graduation celebration. Even more customization options include adding a monogram, family name, or wedding colors.

Cocktail cups made of clear plastic are adaptable and can be used to serve a variety of drinks. These cups are the perfect option for any occasion thanks to their light weight construction and straightforward rolled rim. They are not only classy in appearance but are also simple to clean. To clean up any debris, just use a cotton swab and some soap and water. You can select a matching set of plastic drinkware if your guests will be sipping wine or beer with bulk plastic cups.

These glasses have a slit at the top that makes it simple to insert a straw. They are washable by hand and reusable. Glitter or colored paint can be used to add flair.

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