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Plastic cold cups

You have a lot of options to pick from when it comes to plastic cold cups made of plastic. They can be transparent or opaque, and can range from lightweight to heavy-duty in terms of their tensile strength. Any large department shop worth its salt will have a good range of disposable plastic cups in a variety of sizes. The Solo(r) Ultra Clear(tm), Pactiv Evergreen, BioCup, and Choice variants are among the most sought-after options available.

Translucent PolyPro (PP) disposable cups

Your needs can be met with disposable plastic cups made of translucent PolyPro (PP), which is an excellent choice because it is both affordable and sturdy. They are lightweight, long-lasting, and devoid of BPA. These cups are the ideal choice for businesses such as restaurants, ice cream parlors, snack bars, and more because they are an excellent complement to your cold beverage supply. In addition, you can print on these cups to give them a more personalized appearance.

These plastic cups have a design that is translucent, so people walking by can see what's contained within them. This helps to ensure quick product identification and keeps your personnel and guests informed about what's contained within the package. Their volume of 7 ounces makes them suitable for serving more manageable quantities. Because they are created out of heat-resistant PP #5, they are not going to disintegrate when they are filled with hot liquid. In addition to this, the cup's sidewalls are ribbed, which helps to ensure that it won't break.

These cups are ideal for drinking draft beer and thick smoothies due to the lightweight and robust materials that they are made of. In addition, they are ergonomically designed to be held comfortably because to their tapered shape. Both the workers and the customers will value how simple it is to use. In addition, they do not contain any BPA and can be recycled.

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