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Plastic container cups with lids

There are several options available for plastic container cups with lids. These include thermo cups, CPLA-lined portion cups, straws, and hot cup lids made of fiber. Each has unique advantages and downsides.

CPLA and Fiber Hot Cup Lids

Hot plastic cups with lids are the optimal way to transport hot beverages on the go. They are recyclable, sturdy, and microwave-safe. With a variety of lid sizes, they will accommodate the majority of takeout orders. And if you are a foodservice professional, you may compost or recycle these eco-friendly containers. In fact, many are created from biodegradable materials, assuring that you will be helping the environment.

Hot cup lids are available in a range of materials, including biodegradable and more traditional CPLA. The thermoplastic polylactic acid CPLA is generated from corn, a sustainable resource. It is intended to be a relatively lightweight plastic with exceptional heat resistance. In a couple of months, CPLA goods can decompose.

For traditionalists, there is a vast assortment of paperboard, CPLA, and combined CPLA and paperboard hot cup lids. A heated cup is an excellent technique to prevent accidental spills and serve clients.

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