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Plastic cup straw

There are many uses for a plastic cup straw. As an alternative to disposable cup lids, it is usable. Some cups have a straw hole built right into the lid. Others have a lid with the straw hole built into the side of the cup, like the EarthChoiceTM - Recycled Flat Lid with Straw Holes.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a video game that allows you to create your own village of animals and decorate it with items you earn. It has tons of funny characters and cards. You can decorate walls, windows, and doors. Also, you can decorate rooms to make them look like your favorite character.

One of the villagers you can meet in Animal Crossing is Sandy. She has blue eyelids, black wings, and white-tip tail feathers. She has a hobby of collecting jumbled up stuff.

While she may not be the first villager you'll meet, you can invite her to live in your town. If she accepts, her house will have items you've built during island development. Then, she will act like a motherly figure to you.

Although she doesn't appear in the main storyline, you can still meet her through the Happy Home Paradise DLC. When you do, she will reset the interior of your house. However, if you try to push her, she'll get upset and lash out.

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