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Plastic cups

Plastic cups are an excellent storage and organization tool. They are perfect for keeping office supplies and are a handy solution for storing fragile decorations and ornaments. If you are arranging a party, you can even store your party lights in them.

They're ideal for rearing larvae

If you are a fan of the Monarch butterfly, you may have wondered whether it is possible to raise your own larvae. The good news is that there are numerous options available.

Placing milkweed larvae on the plant's stems is a simple and cost-effective approach to raise them. You may also place the stems in bottles with narrow necks or cages with screens. Utilize mesh sleeves with drawstrings to provide additional protection.

The usage of custom plastic cups is an additional simple option. These aid in observing Monarch butterflies. However, make sure to frequently clean the containers. By doing so, sickness can be prevented.

When the larvae reach the fourth instar, they should be transplanted to a larger container. At this point, they are around one inch long. When they reach this stage, they will start eating.

Why choose plastic cups Plastic cups?

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