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Plastic cups for cocktails

When it comes to plastic cups for cocktails, there are several alternatives available on the market. There are several options available, ranging from a Champagne crystal cut or wave flute to a gold dust splattered glass.

Gold Dust Sprinkled Glasses

When it comes to fancypants drinks, the Gold Dust Sparkling Glasses are the way to go, whether at home or on the go. These are not only eye-catching, but also quite durable, since they are made of high-quality transparent plastic cup. This means your cocktail mixtures will taste great for a long time. It's not often you get to sip your beverages in elegance, so these sleek glasses are a no-brainer. Check them out online or at your neighborhood liquor shop. Whether you're organizing a big night or just want to wow your visitors, you'll find the perfect set at an affordable price.

These cocktail glasses are available in a variety of colors and patterns, including transparent, gold, and silver. In addition to their seductive looks, they are far less expensive than the conventional booze-centric, beer-focused institution. You may be astonished to hear that this style of crockery is available at numerous pubs, restaurants, and even hotel bars.

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Jello shot

If you're throwing a party and need to offer beverages, try jello shots in plastic glass cups. They're ideal for pouring tiny drinks and are very simple to clean.

With a package of gelatin, a measuring cup, and some ice cold water, you can create your own jello shots. A jello shot may be made with straight vodka, tequila, or rum.

Jello shot recipes are ideal for creating in advance and bringing to parties or outdoor gatherings. You may even decorate them yourself.

For red jello shots, combine white rum, vanilla vodka, or any other sort of vodka. Mix with some cherry limeade or watermelon jello.

Another interesting version is peppermint jello shots. You may top the drink with whipped cream and decorate it with fresh fruit and candy cane bits. You may also add red sanding sugar for a lovely, festive effect.

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