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Plastic cups with dome lids

Drinks are increasingly being served in plastic cups with dome lids in restaurants and bars. The clear construction adds a touch of flair to your dessert or parfait while the dome design helps maintain the beverage's ideal temperature. The dome is a practical way to keep your drink cold, but there are a few factors to take into account before making a purchase.

Domes with plug-fit recesses

Domes with plug-fit recesses for plastic cups provide a secure and stable attachment to the outside of a drinking cup. Unlike other dome lids, they also provide easy access to liquid inside the cup. They are especially useful for hot beverages.

Dome lids with recessed surfaces provide more volume above the rim of the cup, which permits the hot beverage to slosh around and circulate. This additional volume helps to minimize the risk of spilling the cup. The recessed top surface allows stacking of like dome lids. It also simplifies stripping from male molds.

A lid with a recessed surface is generally circular in shape. Generally, it is made of polyvinyl chloride or sheet polystyrene material. A vacuum or pressure molding process is used to create the dome lid. Once the dome lid has been formed, it is allowed to cool for a period of time.

Why choose plastic cups Plastic cups with dome lids?

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Clear construction helps elevate the look of your homemade dessert or parfait

If you're a pastry chef or someone who likes to make a few fancy cakes or pies a week, you know how much fun it is to serve your creations in the clear plastic cups with dome lids. They not only display your masterpiece, but they also help protect it from moisture and other nasties. This is particularly important if you're serving hot or cold desserts.

You might be surprised to know that a small number of businesses have made the choice to go plastic - or even paper - for their dessert containers. Although it might not be the most sanitary of options, it is a popular choice. Its lightweight construction means it is easy to store, and its heat-resistant properties mean that it won't leak when you flip it over.

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