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Plastic cups with flat lids

At your event, using  clear plastic cups with lids can help prevent spills and drips that can occur with open cups. When it comes to recycled flat lids, there are also a lot of fantastic options. These include goods from EarthChoice, Freshware, and Table To Go (r).

Table To Go Disposable Clear Cups with Flat Lids

Portable Table To Go Using clear cups to serve drinks to your guests is both practical and fashionable. These single-use glasses are dishwasher safe and completely free of BPA. They are a fantastic choice for any occasion. They are also simple to maintain and clean.

The 24 Oz Karat C-KC24 PET disposable cups are ideal for any foodservice operation and are crystal clear. They are made of sturdy, recyclable food-grade PET plastic that doesn't contain BPA. Both single-use and reusable versions are offered. With these handy plastic cups, you can serve a range of cold beverages.

The Fabri-Kal LS636FX clear 32-oz. lid with straw slot is an additional dependable and cost-effective option. It has a practical straw slot that is simple to insert and is made of PET. This lid prevents spills and leaks because it is made to fit the rolled rim of 32-oz cups.

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