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Plastic fruit cups

Dole's single-serve plastic fruit cups are perfect for the busy mom. These disposable cups offer convenience and are much more environmentally friendly than cans. But they do require refrigeration before you can use them.

Recycling plastics in Franklin County

Even though more than half of the county's garbage is diverted from landfills, over a million tons of garbage still is thrown away every year. The widespread distribution and usage of disposable plastic bags is a significant contributor to this figure. To avoid clogging recycling machinery and additional expenditures, plastic bags & cups should not be placed in the curbside recycling cart. Not everything can be recycled, and the recycling bin is not the place for things like plastic bags. Carry-out plastic cups, wire hangers, and foam food containers are just a few examples. These can delay processing at the recycling center and even contaminate other materials. Microbeads are yet another illustration. Synthetic clothing frequently sheds these small pellets, which are employed in a wide variety of items (such as color and smell). The water treatment plants can't stop the dangerous chemicals from entering the water supply when they're rinsed down the drain. The greatest benefit of recycling is the garbage it prevents from entering landfills. Both the environment and companies benefit from this. Recycling and reusing materials also results in the development of environmentally friendly industries and the introduction of cutting-edge innovations in both technology and consumer goods.

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