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Plastic juice cups

There is a wide selection available to select from if you are interested in purchasing plastic juice cups. These include personalized tumblers made of translucent plastic, insulated cups, and other types of cups.

Tapered cups

You are in luck if you enjoy drinking beverages that are served chilled. This chilly custom plastic cups is made of translucent thin-walled plastic and has a rolled rim. It has a capacity of 7 fluid ounces. It is crafted using a lightweight plastic called polypropylene.

The fact that it can be put to use in a variety of contexts is the feature we value most about it. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to save money in the long term. These cups have a ribbed sidewall that provides additional rigidity in addition to their capacity to store liquid inside of them. By utilizing these in a busy cafu00e9, you can reduce the risk of breakage and make certain that clients get their daily dose of coffee without breaking a sweat.

Although the cup may be more expensive than you had anticipated, you will be pleasantly delighted to learn that it provides many of the same advantages as plastic cups that are produced from more long-lasting materials. For instance, because it is a long-lasting material and can endure temperatures as high as 98 degrees Fahrenheit, it is an excellent choice for use with cold beverages. Additionally, the beverage will stay fresher for a longer period of time thanks to the beverage's tapering spout.

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