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Plastic lidded cups

The  plastic lidded cups are one of the more environmentally friendly products on the market today. Reusable, recyclable, and designed with a circular economy in mind. These are all excellent advantages.

Reusable cups

Reusable plastic lidded cups come in all shapes and sizes. The ol' fashioned paper cup has its uses, but for those who prefer to drink out of something a little more upscale, it may be time to make the switch. You may be surprised to find that the same company that makes the ubiquitous disposable cups also makes plastic lidded versions, all spruced up for the long-term.

If you are looking for the best way to keep your favorite beverage cold, or hot, look no further than Room Essentials 3-Pack of Plastic Reusable Cold Cups. In addition to the reusable lid, this pack of three features a straw, keeping your favorite concoction icy cool and your hands warm. It is a worthy addition to your kitchen cabinet or gym locker.

Why choose plastic cups Plastic lidded cups?

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Patents for lids

Plastic lidded cups have a long history of innovation. The number of inventions addressing cup lids increased during the 1980s. Twenty-six new patents were issued during this time period.

Among the many improvements in plastic lidded cups were features to address spill-proof, mating engagement, one-handed activation, and splash reduction. In addition, designers began to recognize the importance of aesthetics and ergonomics.

Patents were also issued regarding different cup sizes. Some lids included press-in dimples, which enabled users to recognize the contents of their cup.

Cup lids that are recessed allow for lower stacking heights and are easier to remove from female molds. However, these benefits are tempered by the potential for spillage from jostling or when the lid is not securely attached.

The present invention provides a lid for a large drinking container that is easily and inexpensively produced. It consists of a circular disk of plastic and a folding mechanism.

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