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Plastic shot cups with lids

The plastic shot cups with lids are an easy way to serve jello shots. They make cleaning and storing the cups a lot simpler. They're also reusable and food safe.

EZ-Squeeze(tm) Jello Shot Cups

If you want to make jello shots, you should consider purchasing EZ-Squeeze(tm) Jello Shot Cups. They are specifically designed to facilitate squeezing out jello fast and easy. This innovative design also enables the use of a single-piece cup for easier cleanup. Furthermore, these plastic disposable cups provide recipes for a variety of jello shots. The nicest aspect is that they can be utilized for both parties and bars! Whether you want to prepare a batch of jello for the holidays or you need to provide jello to a bar or nightclub, the EZ-Squeeze(tm) range has the appropriate cup for you.

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