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Plastic souffle cups

The plastic souffle cups are a great kitchen accessory to have on hand while creating soups or casseroles. They are composed of polystyrene and are available in a variety of sizes. They may also be purchased with a cover to make cleaning simpler.

Sizes available

Plastic souffle cups come in a variety of sizes. This is a good product for both in-house and take-out meals. The transparent architecture of these goods allows for easy viewing of the contents. They are long-lasting and BPA-free, allowing them to be reused. You can depend on them to help you serve your guests with ease whether you're holding a snack-sized buffet or a major dinner party. These disposable, robust, and easy-to-clean goods are ideal for any restaurant or catering business, whether you're utilizing the sauce cups for dipping or the portion cups for dips, salad dressing, and other dishes.

You can't go wrong with the Solo souffle portion plastic cups if you're searching for an economical, budget-friendly, and long-lasting option for your take-out or dine-in requirements. There are many cup sizes and lids to select from, including 1.5 oz. and 0.75 oz., which are excellent for little sides and appetizers.

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