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Reusable plastic coffee cups with lids

A  reusable plastic coffee cups with lidsare a great choice if you care about the environment. These cups not only keep waste out of landfills, but they also keep your beverage fresher for longer.

Huskee Cup

Huskee Cups are a great option if you want to avoid using disposable custom plastic coffee cups. These BPA-free cups are made from recycled coffee husk. They have a range of features and different sizes.

Because of its unique construction, the lid can form a tight seal inside the cup. This feature is crucial because it keeps your drink warm. Cleaning it is also simple.

The coffee cup itself is stackable and dishwasher-safe. Furthermore, it is safe to use and hygienic.

Additionally, the lid is made of a BPA-free material. Its ability to be recycled is an additional excellent quality. You can either drop the cup off at a participating cafe or dispose of it at a recycling facility.

You'll appreciate the Huskee Cup's ergonomic design as a customer because it makes it simple to hold. It won't break easily because it is also chip resistant.

Any size HuskeeCup can fit the distinctive "Universal Lid" from Huskee. The three holes in it ensure that the drink stays inside and that the coffee drips into your cup naturally.

Huskee Cups come with a reusable lid and saucers that fit all cup sizes. The cups are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

A silicone lid is an additional option. Reusable coffee cups are an excellent way to reduce your use of plastic and are also beneficial to the environment.

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