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Shot plastic cups

If you want to force individuals to drink shots, you should sell the appropriate kinds of plastic cups shot glasses and have them readily available for purchase. There are a lot of various things you may serve your clients, from burgers to delectable desserts, and if you don't have the correct kinds of cups, you could be missing out on a significant portion of the experience. This is true regardless of whether you are selling burgers or desserts.

Make people take a shot

You might want to consider producing shot plastic cups if you are throwing a party or organizing a special event in which alcohol will be served. These are fantastic for parties, and in addition to holding food samplers and jello shots, they also have a variety of other uses. They are easier to clean than conventional glass bottles, and one does not need to wash them before putting them away or throwing them away. Having said that, they have to be utilized appropriately. Be sure to store the cup in the freezer while you are using it, and remove it from the freezer only when you absolutely need to.

To make a shot, you will need to fill the plastic shot cups with either rum, vodka, or jell-o, depending on your preference. You also have the option of adding food coloring to the mixture. It is necessary to dissolve the jello in boiling water before continuing with the recipe and adding the alcohol. After the gelatin has been dissolved, you must wait until the mixture has cooled down before adding the alcoholic beverage. The consistency of your shot will be determined by the amount of alcohol that you pour into the jello before chilling it.

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