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Small plastic containers with lids disposable

If you are looking for small disposable plastic containers with lids for your house, you will be relieved to find that there are several options accessible to you. You can choose between disposable food containers, disposable clothing containers, and even plastic dressing containers.

Stack Man 2 oz. portion containers

Plastic portion cups are ideal for presenting condiments, salad dressings, and even desserts. These containers are manufactured of food-grade pp and include an audible snap closing that keeps the contents in place. The bundle includes a set of 200 2-ounce plastic containers. The huge container is divided into two portions with removable trays that may be stacked for convenient storage. It is also leak-proof, which is beneficial to the environment. Jonova has got your back.

Jonova has previously manufactured novelty items such as a 5.5 oz plastic cup, a small container, a jello shot cup, and a jello shot glass. They're made of tough polypropylene and have an easy-to-open and close tritan lid. The lids also include latches to keep the contents from spilling out, making the container a dependable and long-lasting addition to any kitchen.

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