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Small plastic dessert cups

You've come to the right place if you're looking to purchase clear plastic dessert cups. There are many different styles available, ranging from clear dessert cups in the shape of an octagon to fluted rectangular pudding cups.

Round dessert cups

A wide range of foods taste great when served in circular plastic dessert cup. For serving small, bite-sized treats at parties and family get-togethers, these disposable dessert cups have a lovely, contemporary design. They can be used to serve a variety of recipes as well as to present desserts or hors d'oeuvres.

Different sizes and materials of round dessert cups are offered. The Mini Round Slanted Plastic Dessert Cup is one possibility. This 12-piece set of tiny food display cups has an 8.4-cm-tall base and a 4.5-cm-wide top. For parties, baby showers, and engagement parties, these plastic dessert cups are ideal. They are an elegant substitute for conventional bowls due to their slanted shape.

The Tall Round Plastic Dessert Cup is an additional choice. These cups have a base width of 1.5 cm and a top width of 2 cm. They make it simple to serve desserts and amuse-bouche. They are not, however, microwave or dishwasher safe. They are also a good option for serving cakes if your event will be outside.

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